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Race Programs

Numerous programs available for alpine skiers of all ages and abilities
Go to Superstars


Age: 5-10
Skill: Ability to comfortably ski intermediate trails and capable of getting on/off ski lifts independently

Go to Youth Ski League

Youth Ski League

Skill:Athletes who seek continued technical instruction in both free skiing and race training.
Introduction to local scored racing.

Go to Mountain Masters

Mountain Masters

Age: 10-14
Skill: This program is perfect for younger athletes who want to ski the whole mountain while still learning and developing their technique.

Go to USSA Alpine

USSA Alpine

5 Groups: U10, U12, U14, U16, U19
Skill: Competitive race-oriented program with emphasis on advanced skills and race tactics with USSA certified coaches.
Ability to qualify for regional postseason.

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About Skylands Ski Club

Providing Mountain Creek alpine athletes the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential
We support Mtn. Creek Racers and Coaches throughout local and regional events

As a member of the NJ Ski Racing Association (NJSRA), the mission of Mountain Creek Racing and the Skylands Ski Club is to provide alpine athletes the opportunity to reach their full athletic and competitive potential in a fun and supportive environment, achieved through, and enhanced by a sharing passion for the lifelong sport of skiing while promoting sportsmanship, team spirit, and camaraderie.

Our organization helps in the following ways:
* Financially support coach training seminars, race equipment, and race day activities
* Support our coaches with pre-post season expenses when coaching our racers regionally
* Identify out-of-state races and coaches
* Represent racers and their families to make sure that the program delivers its mission, core values, and vision
* Organizing volunteer support for MC hosted USSA races as gatekeepers, hand-timers, and certain officials
* Organizing pre-post season training in VT or NY
* Coordinate winter season activities at MC such as snow tubing, family fun race, and potluck dinner
* Coordinate post season activities such as swimming, hiking, and picnic events

  • Avg # volunteers needed per race

  • Avg # MC racers making postseason

  • % Families participating in pre/post events

  • % Money used to support our racers

Skylands Board

"Together we can do great things"

Jane Marlowe

Jane has been President for 1 year and previously served as Vice President for 3 years. She has been a SSC/MC race parent for 12 years. Her son Tyler is a U19 racer who started out as Superstar. Her daughter Katie was a previous MC racer and Superstars coach, and become captain of the MIT Ski Team.

Sam Yildirimlar

Board Member

Marijn Pols


Craig Blake

Craig has been with Mountain Creek race program since 2013 and currently part of race crew. His daughter, Cortney, recently finished racing achieving NJ State Team four of those years and his youngest, Ashlyn, who started in Superstars, is currently in U12 division.

Selena Schneider

Karen Wiebel Organizer
Selena as a board member at the Skylands Ski Club oversaw the Karen Wiebel Memorial Race for the last 2 seasons. She has 3 children in the ski racing program ages 8, 13 and 15. Her financial background provides the Board with broad expertise in operational issues.

Ben Hunnicutt

Volunteer Coordinator
Ben has been Skylands Ski Club member for 10 years. His son, Logan, started with Superstars and now is in U19 USSA. Over the past decade Ben and his wife volunteer every year, often as Gate Judges. Last year Ben played a key role in organizing volunteers for all the races at Mountain Creek.

Kathryn McKeever

Board Member
Kathryn is NJ ski racing lifer and competed at Junior Olympics during high school and raced in college. Her sons, Matthew is U10 and Timothy is U14, while her daughter Elizabeth will be starting Superstars. She is often heard announcing many USSA races and assists with Karen Wieble race.

Paolo Bastianello

Past President

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