Dryland Training

Continues this Sunday, November 16th.

Meet @ 10 AM in the SOUTH RACE ROOM.

Snacks will be available at South following training. 1st timers can still participate in training, by filling out the form.

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Membership Dues 2014/15

Calling all new Superstars, YSL and Race families to join SSC and existing members to renew their membership.

Membership must be current for 2013/14 and 2014/15 to vote in Sunday's election.

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The mission of Mountain Creek Racing and the Skylands Ski Club is to provide alpine athletes the opportunity to reach their full athletic and competitive potential in a fun and supportive environment, achieved through, and enhanced by:

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Russ Selsor
Racing Director
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alpinereg.com-This is where you can register your USSA racer for races.


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